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TOX 5 BOTOX highly-enriched serum helps remove dark circles and promotes intensive blemish care.

“The mechanism of Acetyl Hex peptide in TOX 5 that controls neutral transmission is nearly the same as that of Botox protein, thus it is called as Botox peptide.”

It can be used anywhere you wish. You will see that its very stable and you will feel the skin elasticity effects in just a short time because it breaks down into amino acids when absorbed by the system. Commonly for complex hexa, it uses a large amount estimated to 100~200ppm =1~5% for a skin care, but ‘TOX 5’ contains a high concentration of 10000ppm which is the maximum amount that does not damage the skin. ‘TOX 5’ is a special serum that is for skin contour modeling care and used for mesotherapy and intensive care. It is effective at improving skin elasticity and lifting.


  • Stimulates collagen and elastic formations: It stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, thus, it regenerates the upper skin and fortifies it to prevent wrinkles. It sustains skin elasticity and moisture levels for a long time because it gets absorbed to the skin well. It fundamentally eliminates the wrinkle causes, thus, it is effective in eliminating wrinkles.
  • Relieving wrinkles and aging symptoms: Lifting peptide with a similar effect of botox relieves wrinkles and gives elasticity through a facial muscle relief mechanism. It is effective in relieving wrinkles and initial aging symptoms.
  • Relieving skin aging effects: It promotes collagen formation to relieve skin aging symptoms.
  • Excellent skin moisturizing effect and antibiosis: Compared to excellent antibiosis, it nearly has no irritation, thus, it is commonly used as a cosmetics or natural extract preservative, and thus, it can be used to make a no-antiseptic cosmetics.
  • Prevention of metal ion catalysis: It is a primary material that is combined with metal ions to prevent a catalysis. As open market products have a longer expiration date, they put a sequestrate nearly in all products with a large amount of emulsion material.


  1. Apply an enough amount of ‘TOX 5’ serum on your skin.
  2. Recommended to use once in two days or twice a week.
  3. Use for after-care of medical skin treatment and home-care.

Morning: After finishing cleansing with a skin product, tap and absorb ‘TOX 5’ into the skin.

Night: Use ‘TOX 5’ after finishing cleansing with a skin product

Lipo Lab’s special treatment care

TOX 5 (BOTOX highly-enriched serum)

  1. It can be used at medical centers when intensive care is performed before and after botox treatment.
  2. It is a serum to be applied easily and conveniently.
  3. It can also be used for mesotherapy care and other multiple uses such as home care. Especially it has an advantage of being programmed for multiple cares.


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