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Sayak Cream

Sayak Cream is premium natural oriental peeling herbs which can bring back the skin health in 4 minutes.
With 70 kinds of natural vegetable extracts, regain the skin’s natural health and beauty.
It passed through the FDA cosmetic safety test in the US, which is recognized functional cosmetics.
Patented skin care manufacturer of using Korean oriental herbs.

The new natural exfoliate SAYAK Cream is a cream that uses special Korean herbs (Includes 8 effective components specifically needed for calming stressed skin) for calming and cleaning rough skin, and other numerous functions.

• Eosungcho extract – Improvement of inflammation and skin, prevents skin aging
• Cypress leaf extract – The spontaneous curing of the phytoncide  helps with antibacterial, atopy, allergic skin reactions and skin problems
• Green tea extract – Tannic acid, catechin, whitening effect from vitamin C, moisturizing, and pre control.
• Houttuynia extract – It is excellent in diuresis and detoxification, helps with acne and other skin problems.
• White lotus extract – Anti-aging, preventing stains and freckles, and elasticity.
• Licorice extract – Excels in skin soothing effect , a ingredients for sensitive skin
• Portulaca extract – Antibacterial and calming effect best ingredient effects for a cosmetic.
• Palmately compound leaf rhubarb root extract – Removes heat, decreases skin tone fundamental improvement
In addition;
• Increase skin elasticity
• Enhanced absorption force of skin care products
• Enhanced make-up adhering and persistency
• Anti-aging that relaxes blemished skins.

1. Before using the SAYAK Cream, cleanly wipe off any makeup, and pat the entirety of the face with water for about 2-3 times.
2. Apply about 3g of SAYAK Cream on the forehead, nose, and cheeks and eventually covering the entire face.
3. After splitting the forehead into two sections, left and right, massage horizontally.
4. Massage the eyelid, above the eyebrows, and below the eyebrows.
5. Vertically massage between the forehead and eyebrows evenly.
6. Please to gently massage the nose and philtrum
7. Massage wrinkled areas and around cheekbones under the eye.
8. Massage in a V shape under the cheekbones.
9. Gently massage above and below the lip, and the dimple.(The mouth looks cleaner and sharper)
10. Massage both sides of the jaw line as if pulling the jaws upwards.
11. Wash the SAYAK Cream with water.

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